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Best leading Medical Transcription service provider company based in India. efficient low priced and high quality transcripts to a variety of specialist doctors in US and Canada including specialist in the field of endocrinology, neurology, general practitioners, orthopedics, pain clinics, psychiatry, diagnostics, etc. Mayvil Services, a medical transcription company in existence now for more than five years and expanding, is an association of professionals and specialists who have been relentlessly striving to achieve excellence in providing high quality, error free transcripts, at a very low price. Our aim is to help you cut cost and enjoy a hassle-free transcription experience. We offer transcription services for all medical disciplines and specialties wherever you are located. Our list of satisfied clients and our long term association with them have been our pillars of strength."You have a great competitively priced service as you provide fast turnaround with accurate transcription over a secure link. I am very happy that you enable me to reply to my referring physicians quickly. Thanks for all your help, which is very much appreciated as you are totally reliable.Dr P Parekh FRCPC, Specialist Internist Calgary, Canada"

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