Longhurst Consulting Calgary

Hours : 24 hours
Tel: (403) 346-0673
Calgary, Alberta, T2G 0X5
Contact person: Steve  Longhurst
Mail: longhurstconsulting@gmx.com
Web Site: Web Site
Category:  IT Business  

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For more than three decades, Longhurst Consulting has provided world-class IT support solutions, consulting, and security services to businesses and commercial properties in Calgary Alberta and throughout Canada. Owned and operated out of Red Deer, Alberta, we offer a unique combination of regional presence and national scope in a constantly changing IT landscape. We believe in fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients, associates, and vendor partners by building on shared values of trust, respect, and a collaborative spirit. Our long list of repeat customers stands as a testament to our dedication to service, high standards, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Backed by extensive training and years of experience in the field, our exceptional certified engineers can deal with all your IT requirements and face any security challenge. From IT support and technical assistance to data backups and proactive maintenance, we appreciate the importance of remaining on the cutting edge of the industry and promise to deliver the most modern solutions to keep you ahead of the competition. Our remote and on-site IT support and consulting services ensure that you stay current with updated hardware and software installations, network designs, infrastructure processes, and security protocols. Businesses also need an IT company that can guide them through the changing landscape of online software, cloud hosted services, social media, and other advancing technologies that relate to their business or industry.  IT needs to be more than just repairing that broken monitor or fixing a malfunctioning mouse, organizations need a partner that is looking out for the technological needs and working with them to help them advance their business. In addition to our IT expertise, our interactive security and surveillance system services allow total remote access to 24-hour monitoring of businesses and commercial properties, increasing workplace safety and reducing insurance costs without even having to visit the site. Companies looking to grow or currently growing need a responsible business partner to handle the day-to-day IT concerns and security solutions that keep things running smoothly. At Longhurst Consulting, we are committed to delivering consistent and efficient IT support, consulting, and security services that enable each and every client to achieve their full potential.

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